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All about bin collections, green waste, recycling and sustainability.

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A person putting a full rubbish bag into a wheelie bin


All three darebin wheelie bins with sizes
Submit a bin enquiry, check your waste collection date and learn more about how different types of waste should be recycled.
Hard waste in street
Everything you need on hard waste collections, unwanted items, and other waste and recycling options across Darebin.
Electrical equipment and appliances
The Resource Recovery Centre accepts a range of materials for recycling or safe disposal, including batteries, light globes and paint.
Dumped rubbish
How to report dumped rubbish, hazardous materials, abandoned vehicles or shopping trolleys, graffiti removal and our street cleaning program.
Educator talking to a group of people in a food-growing garden
Connect to nature, grow your own food, reduce your waste and take climate action.
A small crowd meeting in a park for Conservation group
Our animals, plants, natural heritage and native species are vital for Darebin.
Pink eucalyptus tree
All about tree-planting projects, nature strips and fallen branches.
Person writing on clip board
We investigate public health issues such as residential noise, odour, and light emissions affecting your health, asbestos, and pest control.