Streets for People

Children and bicycles travelling along a street

We are working on creating great places for people to walk and ride, with inviting streets and improved road safety.

As our city continues to grow, the role and function of our local streets is changing. Darebin City Council is committed to working with our community to help define what our streets will look and feel like in the future.

Our vision for the Streets for People project is:

“to create a neighbourhood that is safe, green, clean and welcoming”

The Streets for People program seeks to re-imagine what local streets in Darebin can be for the community, promoting sustainable transport and creating safer streets for walking and cycling by transforming a number of key areas for active transport across Darebin.

Streets for People corridors are guided by the following key principals:

  • Prioritise people - recognising people as the main users of streets and that future street design should maximise opportunities to improve pedestrian safety and amenity.
  • Minimising conflict - between the varying modes of transport, with higher priority given to pedestrian and cyclists without compromising the functional role of streets and requirements to support adjacent existing and future uses.
  • Increasing cycling confidence - along the corridors by providing high-quality cycling infrastructure that is well connected, easily navigated with varying degrees of separation and safety from moving traffic

The Streets for People program identified nine priority corridors:

Northcote, Croxton, Thornbury Link
Ethel Street, Stott Street and Herbert Street

Northcote Green Link
Beavers Road, Dennis Street and Christmas Street

Hurstbridge Line Shimmy
South Crescent and Westgarth Street

Great Western Shimmy
Woolhouse Street, Bracken Avenue, Jessie Street and Various Back Streets

Northern Reservoir Corridor
Broadhurst Avenue and Crookston Road

Preston Activity Link
Gower Street and Cramer Street

Thornbury Neighbourhood Link
Dundas Street and Miller Street

Reservoir Station to Uni Link
Broadway, Edwardes Street and Dunne Street

Great Eastern Cycleway
Victoria Road, Victoria Street and Various Back Streets

Download our map showing details of all nine Streets for People corridors(PDF, 918KB).

What we’ve achieved so far in each of those corridors and next steps

We have started implementing several of the recommended treatments along some of the corridors to make our streets safer and more accessible for walking, bike riding and wheeling.

From 2022, you can share your feedback on the Streets for People corridors through our "Your Street Your Say" website.

For more information, read the Streets for People Program feasibility report(PDF, 81MB).

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