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Get involved in the Gards for Wildlife program, for gardens that our local animals and plants can thrive in

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Are you passionate about urban nature? Do you want to help provide safe and healthy habitat for Darebin local plants and animals? Do you enjoy sharing your time and knowledge with the community?


Become a Garden Guide Volunteer!


To express your interest to become a volunteer please complete an online application form:


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Applications close on Sunday 8 October at 11.59 pm.


Do you want to learn more about Darebin Gardens for Wildlife program and the role of Garden Guides?
Watch our information session online:

Darebin Gardens for Wildlife Information session on YouTube


About Gardens for Wildlife

Gardens for Wildlife is a free program that encourages and supports Darebin residents, schools, businesses and community groups to create wildlife-friendly gardens for native plants and animals.

We connect Darebin residents with trained volunteer Garden Guides who will arrange a garden visit to give you simple, practical advice to help you get started.

Whether you have a big backyard, a small courtyard, a nature strip, community garden, or pot plants on your balcony, everyone is encouraged to join Gardens for Wildlife.

The program is run in collaboration between Darebin and a team of knowledgeable and passionate local volunteers.

Why should I get involved?

A habitat is the natural environment where plants, animals and fungi find the shelter, food and water they need to survive.

Due to increased urbanisation, habitats in Darebin have continued to deteriorate in recent years. This, along with pollution and litter, invasive plants and animals, and the effects of climate change, put many of our local animal and plant populations at risk.

The good news is everyone in Darebin can make a meaningful contribution! Private land makes up around two thirds of Darebin’s land. That means that privately-owned gardens, balconies and courtyards all have an important role to play to attract and support our local wildlife and provide them with space where the feel safe and can create themselves a home.

By adding indigenous plants and other wildlife-friendly elements to your garden such as rocks, ponds and nest boxes, you will help Darebin to have healthy, connected ecosystems for plants and animals.

It’s also a great way to boost your physical and mental wellbeing, and connect with nature, neighbours and the community.

How do I get involved?

There are different ways you can get involved:

Get started on your own

Download the Darebin Gardens for Wildlife Booklet and the Darebin Plants for Wildlife resource created by our Garden Guides.

Visit any of the indigenous nurseries in Darebin to get expert advice to find the best suited plants for your garden:

Be inspired, ask for help and share your journey in the Gardens for Wildlife Facebook group with other passionate wildlife gardeners.

Sign up for a garden visit

Let our volunteer Garden Guides help you create a beautiful wildlife habitat right on your doorstep!

Request a garden visit

Once registered, a Garden Guide will reach out to you and organise a date and time to visit your property.

During the visit

You will be given advice and suggestions on how to increase wildlife-friendly habitat in your garden to support local biodiversity.

You will receive:

  • A written report with suggestions for creating your wildlife friendly garden
  • A voucher to spend at a local indigenous nursery
  • A printed version of the wildlife gardening booklet
  • A letterbox sticker featuring the Eastern Spinebill to help promote the program with your neighbours

Create your habitat garden!

Share your journey in The Gardens for Wildlife Facebook group with other passionate wildlife gardeners.

Learn more

Check the resources below to learn how to care for our biodiversity:

Connect with the Gardens for Wildlife community

Connect with the larger, state-wide Gardens for Wildlife Victoria network, sharing stories, ideas and resources to improve and strengthen efforts to care for nature.

Our partners

We thank Gardens for Wildlife Victoria for the ongoing collaboration and support in setting up the program in Darebin, as well as Knox City Council and the Knox Environment Society for leading the way to establish local Gardens for Wildlife programs.