What we do and don't accept

Batteries of all shapes and sizes

The Darebin Resource and Recovery Centre will take domestic quantities of a range of items, but there are restrictions on what we accept.

We accept many items for recycling and general waste, but we have introduced restrictions on materials that may be contaminated with asbestos.

What do we accept for free?

We accept domestic quantities of these items for free

  • aluminium cans and tins
  • cardboard - it must be clean and folded flat
  • clothing
  • car and household batteries
  • cooking oil
  • computers and televisions
  • computer accessories (keyboards, printers, hard drives, mouses)
  • glass bottles and jars
  • light globes and tubes
  • paint tins
  • steel and scrap metal

What do we accept for a charge?

Charges apply for these items

  • general waste
  • tyres
  • gas bottles
  • fridges
  • air conditioners
  • garden waste
  • electronic waste
  • motor oil
  • mattresses
  • building materials

Read more about fees and charges for dropping off waste and e-waste.

For more information about electronic waste, visit our electronic waste page.

What don't we accept?

We don't accept

  • no mixed rubble
  • no paper (use your household recycling bin)
  • no asbestos
  • no chemicals
  • no medical and liquid waste
  • no hot ashes
  • no prescribed waste (includes anything hazardous or dangerous)
  • no soil

No asbestos and mixed building materials

Due to the continual illegal disposal of asbestos at the Darebin Resource Recovery Centre, we will not be taking in mixed rubble or any cement sheet type product.

Mixed rubble is classified as a mixture of materials such as concrete, cement sheeting, brick, floor tiles and soil. Any two or more materials that are mixed in together will not be accepted.

Accepted rubble materials

Materials must be separated prior to entry. If not separated, the load may be rejected.