What to do with household appliances

hard waste - household appliances

If you have unwanted household appliances such as washing machines and fridges, we can help.

Do you have items like clothes dryers, microwaves, dishwashers or fridges that you no longer need? If your item is still working, you could consider advertising items online, donating or giving it away.

Another option is to put your items out for hard rubbish collection, but please check that we accept it first. Here are some things that you can leave out as hard rubbish:

  • clothes dryers
  • dishwashers
  • microwaves
  • washing machines
  • stoves and ovens.

We don't accept fridges, freezers or air conditioning units as hard rubbish, as they need professional degassing. Please take these to the Darebin Resource Recovery Centre (charges apply per unit).

Also keep in mind that:

  • some private companies collect old appliances for a fee
  • most white-goods retailers will offer to pick up your old appliance when you buy a new one.