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Rates are used to pay for services such as garbage collection, lighting, parks, libraries, roads, emergency services, community care and more.

Rates are used by Council to pay for local services including garbage collection, street lighting, street cleaning, parks, libraries, local roads, footpaths, drains, emergency services, home and community care services.

Data for FY2023/24

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Some helpful information about rates.

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[Music intro, opening slide of City of Darebin logo, wording the place to live] [Russell outside on a footpath, holding a bike. Russell talking to camera] Hi, I'm Russell, nice to meet you. If you're a property owner in Darebin, you need to know about rates. At first, I didn't understand why I had to pay so much money. But then it was explained to me. It's the trees. It's the footpath, the road, even things like getting my bins picked up. It's everyday things it's paid for by my rates. 00:25 [Russell holding a large card with the wording 30th September, 30th November, 28th February,31st May]
Russell00:03 You can pay your rates in four separate instalments throughout the year just like I do. Now it's over to our neighbours to tell you more. [Music, fading closing slide of City of Darebin logo, wording the place to live] [End of Transcript]