Hard waste

Everything you need on hard waste collections, unwanted items, and other waste and recycling options across Darebin.

Hard waste collection

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We provide hard waste collection services each year.

Furniture and hardwaste on grass verge
How, when and where to place your hard waste for collection.
Orange sofa, drawers, boxes, bin, suitcase and assortment of hard waste
A list of which items can or can't be put out for hard waste collection.
Shelf  under sink cupboard with cleaning products and cleaning gloves and dust pan and brush
Toxic items should never go in your bins or down the drain. Instead, use the Victorian Government's free chemical drop-off service.

Other de-cluttering and removal options

Gluing an item
Save your broken items from landfill and give them a second life by fixing them.
Bottom of a wardrobe with hanging cloths and assortment of boots and shoes
Several organisations will accept donated items if they're in good condition or just need minor repairs.
Computers, keyboards and cables
If you have unwanted household appliances such as washing machines and fridges, we can help.
Hands putting folded clothes into a cardboard box
A lot of clothing and textile waste ends up in landfill, but there are ways to reduce your fashion footprint.
Electrical equipment and appliances
The Resource Recovery Centre accepts a range of materials for recycling or safe disposal, including batteries, light globes and paint.