Trucks, heavy vehicles and freight

Road full of traffic

Freight vehicles are encouraged to use strategic routes designed for their extra loading.

Trucks and heavy vehicles on local roads

To minimise the impact of trucks and heavy vehicles for Darebin residents, we only approve roads as freight corridors where access is necessary. Freight corridors are usually specially constructed roads which can handle extra weight.

Whilst Darebin encourages heavy vehicles to use major roads that are most appropriate for their vehicle, many trucks are allowed to use most roads for legitimate purposes. Legitimate purposes include making deliveries to properties in the area or undertaking construction work. These vehicles are managed by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR).

If you think trucks may be damaging a section of road, or you're concerned about truck parking, loading zones or trucks in residential streets, please call Customer Service on 03 8470 8888 or email

You can also report trucks and heavy vehicle concerns through our Your Street, Your Say program.

Information for truck drivers

The heavy vehicle industry recently went through change with the introduction of national regulations. If you have any questions about truck permits or the new regulations during this transition period please email us at