Reporting dumped rubbish

dumped rubbish on road

Please report any dumped rubbish so we can investigate.

What is litter and dumped rubbish?

Litter and illegally dumped rubbish are unsightly, expensive to remove and can damage the natural environment and human health.

Litter and illegal dumping include:

  • Anything left where it is not meant to be
  • Rubbish and furniture left on roadsides or outside shops (including charity stores)
  • Spoil and other building materials outside of a construction site
  • Litter from overfilled household bins, and anything left beside, near or on top of household bins when they are out for collection
  • Litter thrown from motor vehicles
  • Cigarette butts
  • Disposing household or business waste in a public street litter bin
  • Advertising material placed under windscreen wipers
  • Bill posters

Reporting litter and dumped rubbish

If you witness someone dumping waste illegally or littering, record the location, date, time and other important details (e.g. car registration) and report it to us on 03 8470 8888.

You can also report pollution to the EPA Victoria, including smoky vehicles, illegal dumping, industry pollution and litter from cars. For more information on reporting pollution to the EPA, visit EPA Victoria.

Litter from or near a motor vehicle can be directly reported through an online form on the EPA website.

How can you help?

  • Make sure all waste is contained inside your household bins when they are out for collection and that the lids are fully closed
  • Bring your household bins in from the street after collection
  • Dispose of household goods appropriately
  • Report illegally dumped material, bill posters, graffiti, used syringes and abandoned shopping trolleys.

Where can I dispose large and unwanted household items?

There are a range of options for disposing of unwanted household items in Darebin, including:

More information:

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