Climate and sustainability

Connect to nature, grow your own food, reduce your waste and take climate action.

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Man filling watering can from rainwater tank
All about our initiatives on climate and energy, such as the Solar Saver program, and how to get involved.
Lady presenting to room about recycling

To support local businesses on their economic recovery journey, we committed to the development of the Economic Recovery Unit.

Chickens in garden, with a small painted mural of vegetables in the background
Advice on food composting, community gardens, native plants and wildlife – for experts and beginners alike.
A person holding worms on their palm
Go plastic-free, make local food choices, buy green, and find resources such as our newsletter on living sustainably.
Person holding a sign on recycled cardboard that says there is no planet B
While the climate crisis may seem overwhelming, we can all take action and make a difference.
An open and full green waste bin in street

What goes into your food and green waste bin, how to use your kitchen caddy, and reducing food waste at home.

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