Abandoned shopping trolleys

Abandoned shopping trolley

If you find an abandoned trolley, you may be able to report it through the retailer's hotline or app.

Trolley Tracker

For abandoned trolleys from Woolworths, Target, Big W or Dan Murphy’s:

1800 Trolley

For abandoned trolleys from Coles, Kmart, Target or 1st Choice:

  • Report online
  • Phone 1800trolley (1800 876 553)
  • Get the Coles Supermarket App for iPhone or Android. Please note, the Trolley Collect app has been replaced. You can now report trolleys directly through the Coles Supermarket App.

Other retailers

If you notice an abandoned trolley that doesn't belong to any of the above retailers, please contact the closest store of that retailer for assistance.

Trolleys that contains dumped rubbish should be reported to Customer Service on 8470 8888.

Shopping Trolley Fact Sheet(PDF, 198KB)