Building step 1 gather information

Find out what information you need to gather before you start your building project. If you are ready, you can apply for a Building Permit.

Types of building permit

Do you want to build an extension or do some demolition?

The type of residential building permit you need will depend on what you want to do.

Are you looking to build a structure like a garage, carport, pergola, deck, balcony or retaining wall? Check your requirements here.
There are different commercial building permits for different types of works. Find out what you need.

Different projects require different permits. You need separate permits for building over a drain and sharing fencing costs, for example.

Council consent

Pedestrians use other footpath sign
You need our approval to erect precautions, also known as hoardings, over the street alignment. Find out how this applies to you.
House demolition
You may need to apply for consent to demolish. Some demolition work also needs a Council planning permit and a building permit. Learn more.
Raindrops are falling on the road

Some areas of Darebin are designated as flood-prone — you may need a Report and Consent application before your building permit can continue.

Builder on a housing site construction

You need our consent to build outside regulations, such as over flood-prone land or street alignments.

Close up of a pool and steps
Are you considering installing a pool or spa at your property? Find out what you need to do, from inspections to registrations and compliance.
Builder at a house construction site

Our FAQs about your building project, or to answer questions about your neighbour's building project.