Other structures

Are you looking to build a structure like a garage, carport, pergola, deck, balcony or retaining wall? Check your requirements here.

What kind of permit do you need?

You may need a planning permit, a building permit, or both for your project. If you require both a planning permit and building permit, then the planning permit will come first. 

Planning permits can cover things like appearance and boundary regulations, and building permits focus on areas like safety regulations and construction details.

Parts of your construction which will likely need a permit include:

  • closed-roofed structures such as a pergola with a steel or acrylic roof
  • footings, especially as they apply to their depth and ability to cope with the roof load
  • any structures attached to the house
  • high structures which may need a fence or rail to prevent falling injuries.

What are you building?

Pergolas, verandahs and carports have quite similar designs, but their technical differences will determine whether you need a permit. The Glossary of Building Terms uses these definitions:

  • Pergola - an open-roofed framework over a path, terrace or patio, supported on posts or columns, and usually covered with plants trained over the members.
  • Verandah - open or partly open portion of a house or building, or a roofed space attached to a building outside the principal rooms, and covered either by the main roof or a separate lower roof.
  • Carport - roofed, open or semi-enclosed structure for sheltering motor vehicles, most frequently associated with a dwelling.

The regulatory difference between these three things can come down to the kind of roof it has (if any). The structure of your building (i.e. based on the roof) can make a difference to:

  • whether you need a permit
  • the distance from your property boundary
  • structural requirements
  • whether you need non-combustible materials.

How to find out more

You can call or email to talk to us about your plans to build.

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