Shipping Container and Taxi Box permits

truck with container

You need a council permit to place shipping containers on council land.

You must lodge your application a minimum of five days before the requested permit start date. To allow quicker processing, please include your email address and phone number on the application.

How to apply

You'll be asked to identify the street as the first step in your application.

You'll need:

  • start and end dates
  • public liability insurance (copy from the company)
  • traffic plan

Step 1.Apply online and submit the relevant documentation. You don't need to pay at this stage.

Step 2.You will receive a payment request for the amount due if your application is pre-approved. ($150 per day)

Step 3.Make payment by one of the methods advertised on the payment request.

Step 4.Once we receive payment, we'll process your application. If it's approved we'll send the permit to you.

Apply for a shipping container permit