Procurement best practice

We have adopted elements of best practice in procurement, find out what these elements incorporate, and how we operate.

Darebin City Council has adopted elements of best practice applicable to Darebin Council procurement, they incorporate:

  • Best practice procurement principles, policies and procedures for all goods, services and works; to achieve council objectives set out in the Council Plan
  • Support Council’s corporate strategies, aims and objectives including, but not limited to those related to sustainability, protection of the environment and corporate social responsibility
  • Consideration of economic development to generate and support business in the local and wider community
  • Broad principles covering ethics, value for money, responsibilities and accountabilities
  • Guidelines giving effect to those principles
  • A system of delegations (ie., the authorisation of officers to approve and undertake a range of functions in the procurement process)
  • Procurement processes, with appropriate procedures covering minor, simple procurement to high value, more complex procurement

On 23 August 2021, Council adopted a new procurement policy, placing a strong focus on social and sustainable practices. By leveraging Darebin’s significant buying power, our Social and Sustainable Procurement Policy will enable us to increase the social benefit and economic prosperity of our community as a direct result of our purchasing of goods, services and construction work.

We want to ensure that value for money is not just about cost, but also translates into social, economic and environmental value and benefit for our community.