Graffiti removal

A graffiti removal kit can be collected from any of our customer service centres.

There are 2 types of graffiti kits available:

  • Red kit removes spray can texta, ink and paint from bare masonry, concrete, stone, bare brick unpainted timber surfaces
  • Calcorp Kit has 500ml of graffiti remover, protective gear for the user, and the cleaning equipment needed to remove the graffiti. The kit is environmentally friendly and 100% biodegradable. The graffiti remover in this kit is designed for removing graffiti from most surfaces including brick, concrete, timber, glass, marble and granite.

A graffiti removal kit can be collected from any customer service centre. Residents will need to present a valid form of ID to collect a graffiti kit.

Graffiti kits currently out of stock

As of early October 2023, we are currently out of graffiti kits. As soon as they are available again from our customer service centres, this page will be updated.

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