Graffiti removal

Graffiti on factory wall

What you can do when you discover graffiti on your property and how to report graffiti that is on public property.

Graffiti impacts the community in many ways. It is illegal, wastes time and significant resources to remove, and affects the charm of property and buildings.

Graffiti can also have a negative impact on community amenity. Council has a strong commitment to enhancing and developing the visual appearance of its municipality to ensure it is a place where people feel safe, connected and proud.

If you see graffiti in your local area, report it to the responsible authority listed below.

Graffiti on council property

We are responsible for removing graffiti on all council-owned properties and assets.

When reporting graffiti on council property, please provide the exact location including the street address, a brief description of the graffiti and, if possible, a photograph to help us complete the job quickly.

Council property includes:

  • council buildings and signs
  • street furniture such as bins and seats
  • public toilets
  • playgrounds and equipment

To report graffiti on council property you can email us or call 03 8470 8888. You can also use the Snap Send Solve app. It is free to download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Graffiti on private property

We do not remove graffiti from private property. It is the responsibility of the property owner to remove graffiti from their own private property.

If there is graffiti on your residential or commercial property, report it to the police and include a photo if possible. After you have reported it to the police we recommend you remove it within 24 hours. This makes it less likely to happen again. We can provide you with a free graffiti removal kit for non-painted surfaces, such as brick walls.

How do you remove graffiti?

There are two primary methods to remove graffiti:

Pressure washing or blasting

This method combines chemical treatment and water to wash graffiti off hard surfaces. It may leave a shadow of the graffiti on porous or raw surfaces. It is difficult to guarantee complete removal.

Paint over the graffiti

Painting over the graffitied surface can be effective, by painting a neat rectangular or square shape to cover graffiti over.

Graffiti removal kits

A graffiti removal kit called Calcorp Kit is available for residents to use to remove graffiti.

About the Calcorp Kit:

  • contains 500ml of remover
  • includes protective gear for the user
  • includes the cleaning equipment needed to remove the graffiti
  • environmentally friendly and 100% biodegradable
  • designed for removing graffiti from most surfaces including brick, concrete, timber, glass, marble, and granite.

The graffiti removal kit can be collected from any customer service centre. Residents will need to present a valid form of ID to collect a graffiti kit. There is a limit of one kit type per household per calendar year.

Graffiti prevention

Research has shown the best ways to manage graffiti are to:

  • Prevent: keep your property clean, tidy and free of rubbish.
  • Report: report graffiti on your property to the police so they can build a database and help find offenders. If you see someone defacing property with graffiti, please call the police on 000.
  • Remove: aim to remove graffiti from your property within 24 hours. Graffiti attracts more graffiti - by removing it quickly, graffiti is less likely to reoccur.

Graffiti on public property

If graffiti is on public property, such as along railway lines or on traffic lights or poles, report it to the responsible authority using the table below.

Council property

  • council buildings and signs
  • street furniture such as bins and seats
  • public toilets
  • playgrounds and equipment

Darebin City Council
Call 03 8470 8888 or email


  • Railway stations and crossings
  • Alongside railway tracks

Graffiti on private property that abuts a rail asset (including fences and walls on the rail corridor) is the responsibility of the private owner.

Public Transport Victoria
Call 1800 800 007 or visit feedback and complaints on the PTV website

Tram poles

Yarra Trams
Call1800 800 166 or fill in the Yarra Trams customer feedback form

Telephone network

  • Payphones
  • Telephone poles
  • Telephone junction poles and pit covers
  • Other Telstra property

Call 132 203

Traffic lights

  • Traffic signal boxes
  • Traffic lights
  • Traffic signal poles

Call 131 170 or visit the VicRoads website


  • Electricity poles
  • Electrical substations

Ausnet - call 131 799

Citipower - call 131 280
Fairfield, Northcote and Thornbury

Jemena - call 1300 131 871
Kingsbury, Macleod, Preston, Reservoir


Post boxes or mail delivery boxes

Australia Post - call 131 318

Glass bus and tram shelters

Adshel - call 1800 501 402

Street art sites

There are a number of locations within Darebin where street art has been commissioned. You can find out about the Reservoir Public Mural Program where you can read and watch videos about how artists create street art.

Locations with street art in Darebin include: