Animals and pets

Learn about pet registration permits, your responsibility as a pet owner. How we can help with animal problems and solutions available.

Registering your pet for the first time

Renewing your pet registration


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dog and owner together
All cats and dogs over the age of three months must be microchipped and registered with us.
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Every year your pet registration is due to be renewed with council on April 10.

Dog in a parkDog in a park
Learn what animals you can keep as pets. Registering your pet, permits, microchipping, desexing and your legal responsibilities as a pet owner.
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We can help you with problems with animals. Learn what is considered an animal compliant, how to lodge a complaint and what solutions are available.
lost dog on street
Tips on how we can reunite you with your lost pet, adopting a pet and our animal initiatives.
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Reporting any injured domestic and protected animals you discover in the neighbourhood.