Resource Recovery Centre (Tip)

The Resource Recovery Centre accepts a range of materials for recycling or safe disposal, including batteries, light globes and paint.

Our location and opening hours

What we do and don't accept

Electrical equipment and appliances

Dropping off items

Batteries of all shapes and sizes

The Darebin Resource and Recovery Centre will take domestic quantities of a range of items, but there are restrictions on what we accept.

Nintendo video game console and controller
Find out how to safely recycle e-waste such as televisions, computers and mobile phones.
Smoke detector mounted on a ceiling
You can put household smoke alarms in your general waste bin, but there are restrictions for commercial and industrial alarms.
Shelf  under sink cupboard with cleaning products and cleaning gloves and dust pan and brush
Toxic items should never go in your bins or down the drain. Instead, use the Victorian Government's free chemical drop-off service.


Darebin Resource Recovery Centre

Our opening hours and location for dropping off waste and recycling or purchasing things from our Recycled Goods Shop.

eWaste - obsolete and unloved computers and peripherals

Charges apply for waste including tyres, gas bottles, fridges and air cons, electronic and green waste, motor oil, mattresses and building materials.

A gravel lot filled with a variety of objects like chairs, bikes and tools
The Recycled Goods Shop, located at Darebin Resource Recovery Centre, accepts donated goods and sells items in good condition.