Electronic waste

Nintendo video game console and controller

Find out how to safely recycle e-waste such as televisions, computers and mobile phones.

To help protect our environment and save precious resources, the Victorian Government banned electronic waste (e-waste) from going to landfill from July 2019. There are a range of alternatives for disposing of or recycling e-waste.

Don't forget to remove your personal information from your device before recycling. Visit the TechCollect website to find out how.

What is e-waste?

E-waste is anything that has a plug, battery or power cord and is no longer wanted or working. This includes mobile phones, digital cameras, computers, tablets, household appliances, power tools and electronic toys.

For a full list of e-waste items, visit Sustainability Victoria's Disposal of e-waste page.

Why recycle e-waste?

E-waste is growing three times faster than standard waste. Recycling e-waste stops hazardous substances getting into soil and water, and saves the energy and resources that go into new products.

Where can I take e-waste in Darebin?

Computers and TVs

Recycle your old TV and computer for free at the Darebin Resource Recovery Centre or through our hard waste and recycling collection service. These are part of the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme. Accepted items include:

  • televisions
  • Computers
  • laptops, notebooks and tablets
  • small servers and hard drives
  • cables and internal power supplies
  • computer accessories such as keyboards
  • printers, scanners and faxes

Some Officeworks stores also accept computers and IT products for free recycling.

Mobile phones, cameras and accessories

You can recycle mobile phones, digital cameras and accessories (including cords and batteries) at one of our recycling stations. You can also recycle mobile phones at Mobile Muster.


You can take most whitegoods to the Darebin Resource Recovery Centre.

Toner and printer cartridges

Recycle used toner and printer cartridges for free at participating Planet Ark stores, including:

  • Australia Post
  • Officeworks
  • Harvey Norman
  • The Good Guys

To find your nearest participating store, visit Planet Ark's Recycling Near You website.


You can recycle old household batteries for free at the bcycle drop off points located at local supermarkets, hardware stores and many other locations around Darebin.

You can recycle car and other batteries for free at the Darebin Resource Recovery Centre.

Other e-waste recycling options

Visit Planet Ark's Recycling Near You website for other e-waste recycling options in Victoria.

You can also watch Sustainability Victoria's e-waste recycling video.