Road permits

Over-dimensional vehicles, vehicle crossings, road openings, shipping containers, work zones and more.


Directional street signs

If you run a community facility or organisation, you can apply for directional signs to help visitors find you.

A large, white, parked campervan
You'll need an over-dimensional light vehicle permit for any car, truck, boat or vehicle combination that exceeds certain dimensions.
Worker in high-visibility vest using a drill on street surface

Road opening permits, and consent for works within road reserves.

large green shipping container on truck

You need a council permit to place shipping containers on council land.

road closed construction sign
If you are planning any works on a road, street, lane or footpath, you must apply for a permit.
new house driveway
A vehicle crossing runs from the road to your property boundary. You need a permit to remove, modify, relocate or build a new vehicle crossing.
Roadworks prepare to stop sign

A Construction Vehicle Parking Permit provides a dedicated area on a road where only construction vehicles can park.