Types of planning permits

Planning permit applications vary for different types of buildings and developments. Learn more about key types of applications.


You may need a planning permit to build, extend or change a single house or fence. Find out more about single house planning permits.
There are a range of considerations that decide whether you need a planning permit. Learn more about unit and apartment planning permits.
Get information about heritage in Darebin, including overlays, heritage listings, reviews and planning permit exemptions.
Do you want to install advertising signs? Find out how to apply and what to include in your application.
Are you think about subdividing a property? We recommend you apply for a development permit first. Learn more about subdivision.
Do you want to change how you use your land or building? If so you may need to submit a planning permit application for change of use.
There may be restrictions that affect how you use or develop your property. You need a planning permit to change or delete a covenant.
Find out how to apply for a permit to use land for liquor sale or consumption.
Do you want to run a business from home? Maybe you're looking to relocate your existing business. Get information about business permits.
house with trees
Removal or protection of trees on private property can sometimes involve permits.