Are you think about subdividing a property? We recommend you apply for a development permit first. Learn more about subdivision.

Subdivision is the process of splitting land or a building into lots, which can be sold separately as individual titles. It can also include re-aligning or changing title boundaries, even if the number of lots doesn't change.

If you're thinking about subdividing your property, we recommend that you apply for a development permit first. Vacant land subdivisions are simpler with a development permit, because the subdivision creates lot boundaries to match the approved development.

We discourage ‘vacant lot’ or ‘backyard’ subdivisions which are not linked to a development proposal. We must assess these against Clause 56 of the Darebin Planning Scheme, which makes the process more complex and time-consuming.

How to subdivide your property

Step 1 - Apply for a planning permit to subdivide

This permit gives in-principle support for the subdivision under the Planning and Environment Act 1987 and the Darebin Planning Scheme. It includes conditions (set by Council and servicing authorities) which you must meet before we approve the final subdivision.

Step 2 - Apply for and obtain a certified Plan of Subdivision

A licensed land surveyor must prepare the certified plan of subdivision, which comes after a comprehensive survey. Once you've satisfied the relevant permit conditions, we will sign the plan. Servicing authorities must also agree to certification under the Subdivision Act 1988.

Step 3 - Obtain a Statement of Compliance (SOC)

We'll sign the SOC once you've satisfied all the requirements from us and the servicing authorities. When we sign the SOC, we're indicating that the subdivision is ready for lodgement at Land Victoria.

Step 4 - Lodge your plans with the Land Registry

Lodge the certified plan, Statement of Compliance, street numbering advice and any additional land surveyor documents with the Land Registry. Your solicitor or conveyancer usually lodges this information. This process allows for the registration of new titles for each lot.

Other applications

Our subdivision planner also handles:

  • commercial and industrial subdivisions
  • the creation, variation or removal of easements or restrictive covenants
  • consolidation of land.

How to lodge your application

There are three ways to lodge your application.

  1. Online - the relevant land surveyor usually lodges online subdivision applications through SPEAR (Surveying and Planning through Electronic Applications and Referrals). This is our preferred way of lodging subdivision applications.
  2. In person - visit our Planning Department counter at Level 1, 274 Gower Street, Preston between 8:45am and 4:45pm, Monday to Friday (except public holidays).
  3. By mail - mail your application and the relevant application fee to:

    Statutory Planning Unit
    Darebin City Council
    PO Box 91
    PRESTON VIC 3072

Getting titles and registering subdivisions

You must register the approved subdivision with the Titles Office (Land Registry) or the new titles for your lots will not be issued.

Owners corporations

If you need information about owners corporations, body corporates or buying and selling property, please call Consumer Affairs Victoria on 1300 55 81 81.

Tree removal

You may need a planning permit to prune or remove vegetation if it's native to Victoria or affected by a:

  • vegetation protection overlay
  • environmental significance overlay
  • heritage overlay.

To find out if you need a planning permit please contact us.