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Playgroups are fun, supportive environments for children aged 0 to five to play and develop social skills. Learn about the playgroups in Darebin.

Playgroups in Darebin

Playgroups offer wide range of early learning opportunities for young children and their families in community settings. Most playgroups in Darebin are community playgroups which are self-managed by the parents and caregivers who attend the playgroup. Other playgroups may have a specific purpose, such as music or language-based playgroups, and can be facilitated by individuals or community organisations.

Why go to a playgroup?

Family participation in playgroups can benefit children, adults, families and communities. Children experience rapid brain and skill development from birth to five years and quality early learning opportunities at playgroups can assist with healthy child development. Children thrive when exposed to positive early childhood experiences that foster their intellectual, social and emotional development in the early years.

Playgroups provide:

  • an opportunity for parents, grandparents, caregivers and children from newborn to school-age to connect in a safe, relaxed environment in a specific community location
  • a low cost, effective way to introduce children to play, have fun, make friends and develop new skills
  • parents the opportunity to meet other families, play with their children and become involved in their community.

Playgroups lay the foundation for children to:

  • have a strong sense of identity
  • connect with and contribute to their world
  • have a strong sense of wellbeing
  • become confident and involved learners
  • be effective communicators.

Community playgroups

If you are looking to start or join a playgroup in Darebin, please check our Community Playgroup Database(PDF, 253KB).

Or contact Playgroup Victoria. Alternatively, please contact our Playgroups Officer by emailing and provide your phone number for a call back to discuss your local playgroup needs.

By completing the online Community Playgroups database registration form you can have your playgroup added and/or update your playgroup details on our community playgroups database at any time.

More information

Playgroup Officer
Ph: 0499 402 081

Outdoor Playgroups and Nature Play

Many community members are interested in nature play in early childhood and outdoor playgroups. Nature play is an important pillar of play-based learning in early childhood and needs to be balanced with protecting our parks and natural environments. Please go to our Bush Kinder and Nature Play webpage to refer to the Council’s Handbook on and how to seek approval to establish an Outdoor Playgroups based on nature play in Darebin. The handbook includes a step-by-step guide on how community members and early childhood educators can seek approval for outdoor playgroups in our parks and natural environments.

Supported playgroups

Please note Smalltalk Supported Playgroup sessions run during school terms..

Darebin facilitates the supported playgroups which incorporate the smalltalk parenting program and cater for families with children aged 0- 4 years. Weekly playgroup sessions operate during school term across various venues in Darebin and include a range of fun play-based early learning opportunities for families to enjoy together. Supported Playgroups are facilitated by qualified staff and are funded by the Department of Families Fairness and Housing. Families benefit from participation in supported playgroups through:

  • Learning new ideas about child learning and development in the early years
  • Providing your child with opportunities to play with other children
  • Meeting other families in your community
  • Accessing information about other services for families in Darebin

Eligibility criteria applies and families must be booked in prior to attendance.

We currently have vacancies in our supported playgroups and are accepting new referrals.

Please contact our team via telephone on 0499 402 081 or provide your name and contact phone number by email at to receive a call back.

More information

Early Years Leader
Ph: 0499 402 081