Road safety

All about current road and drain works, road asset management, freight, traffic sign maintenance and shared paths.

Report a road issue

Children crossing sign in foreground, road in background


Tram and cars on a busy Darebin road

Learn how the public road network is managed by VicRoads, private owners and Council.

School Crossing Supervisor holding a stop sign at a children's crossing
Our school crossing supervisors keep children and other pedestrians safe when using one of Darebin's 112 crossings.
Cyclist and pedestrian sharing a path

Here are some tips and rules to help you use Darebin’s shared paths and footpaths.

Cyclists and cars stopped at an intersection

When sharing the road in Darebin, be aware of road rules and be courteous to other road users.

Tyre burnout on a street

Learn how we can help to manage speeding in local streets.

Road full of traffic

Freight vehicles are encouraged to use strategic routes designed for their extra loading.

Train at level crossing
Level crossing removals are funded and delivered by the State Government and its agency the Level Crossing Removal Project.
Wide shot of a construction site with multiple vehicles
View the latest roads and drains projects in your neighbourhood.