General rubbish

Waste bins are for general rubbish which you can't reuse or recycle.

The standard garbage bin in Darebin is 80 litres in capacity.

You can put these items in your rubbish bin:

Put in your rubbish bin More information
✅ general rubbish

✅ fabric and textiles
find out where to donate and recycle clothing
✅ plastic bags and all other soft plastics
✅ nappies
must be wrapped
✅ glassware
broken cups, plates, Pyrex, mirrors and drinking glasses (must be wrapped)
✅ polystyrene, packing foam, and foam beans or balls
✅ garden hoses
✅ rubber
✅ animal waste and kitty litter
⚠️ smoke alarms

household smoke alarms only (do not crush the smoke alarm)

find out more about disposing of smoke alarms (including industrial and commercial smoke alarms)

We encourage you to recycle food scraps in a compost bin, Bokashi bucket or worm farm, or in a food and green waste recycling bin. If you don't have any of these, the ShareWaste app can help you find a nearby location to take your food waste. Food scraps can go in a general waste bin if you can't use these options.

Please ensure that you do your best to contain or wrap your rubbish.

You can't put these items in your rubbish bin:

Don't put in your rubbish bin More information
❌ recyclable items
see how to recycle right
❌ building and construction waste
take to the Resource Recovery Centre
❌ asbestos
see the Victorian Government's asbestos website for useful information
❌ household chemicals, oils, paints and solvents
recycle these at Detox Your Home drop off day
❌ e-waste
anything with a plug, battery or power cord - find out about recycling e-waste

For more information on what to do with items, download our A to Z Waste and Recycling Guide.