Who manages roads?

Learn how the public road network is managed by VicRoads, private owners and Council.

Road management

If you make a traffic request to us, we'll forward it on to the appropriate land owner. To ensure we maintain your privacy, one of our officers will ask permission to pass on your contact details.

Register of public roads

Download the register of public roads in Darebin.

Traffic volumes in Darebin

As Darebin lies between the City of Whittlesea and the Melbourne CBD, there's significant through traffic in peak periods. Some of this traffic uses local roads instead of arterial roads. See the breakdown below:

  • Local roads that mostly provide access to residential properties (up to 3,000 vehicles per day).
  • Collector roads that mostly provide access to abutting residential properties and local roads, and connect to arterial roads (up to 3,000 to 8,000 vehicles per day). Collector roads may also carry public transport.
  • Arterial roads – roads that mostly carry through traffic. VicRoads manages arterial roads.