Who manages roads?

Tram and cars on a busy Darebin road

Learn how the public road network is managed by VicRoads, private owners and Council.

Roads managed by Darebin

Our comprehensive Register of Public Roads in Darebin includes information about:

  • Municipal roads
  • Laneways
  • Walkways

See the Register of Public Roads in Darebin(PDF, 2MB).

Roads managed by the Department of Transport and Planning

The Department of Transport and Planning’s Register of Public Roads contains information about the freeways, arterial roads and other roads throughout Victoria which they have responsibilities for.

See the VicRoads Register of Public Roads.

Darebin’s Road Asset Management Plan

Darebin City Council manages an extensive road network on behalf of the community.

This road network provides connectivity to residents, visitors and businesses across the municipality.

Our Road Asset Management Plan sets out:

  • How we responsibly manage Council's road network
  • How we meet expectations
  • The level of service we aim to provide
  • A framework for management and decision making
  • Sustainable funding requirements
  • Opportunities for improvements

See the Road Management Plan 2021(PDF, 1MB).