Kindergarten (also called preschool) is a program for 3 and 4-year-old children delivered by a qualified early childhood teacher.


Young children clapping during a song

Kindergartens operate within long day care (child care) called integrated kindergarten or in stand-alone kindergarten called sessional kindergarten.

Paint brushes and paint palette with young child - “And there's never any mess afterwards!” said no-one ever
You can register for kindergarten on the registration system anytime using the Darebin Enrolments Online Portal.
Young girl holding plastic balls at kindergarten
The annual allocation process starts mid-July for 4-year-old-kindergarten and mid-August for 3-year-old kindergarten.
3 year old boy laughing
Early start kindergarten provides two years of free or low-cost kindergarten to eligible three-year-old children.
Kinder art masterpieces

Kindergarten is a one to two-year program for children before they start primary school. 

Boy having fun in a park

Outdoor learning lets you teach children how to be more caring to the natural world, encouraging love and a curiosity for animal and plant life.

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