Kindergartens in Darebin

Kindergartens operate within long day care (child care) called integrated kindergarten or in stand-alone kindergarten called sessional kindergarten.

Choosing a kindergarten program

Every family is different. This means the kindergarten program you choose should be a good fit with your child and family.

It's a good idea to start looking for a kindergarten program early, as enrolment processes vary across Victoria.


Early years services in Darebin

Early years services (long day care and kindergarten) in the City of Darebin are managed by a range of providers, these can include:

  • parent committees of management
  • commercial operators
  • early years management organisations

Darebin has an agreement with participating services (long day care and sessional kindergartens) to operate the registration system.

To register your child a service that is not on the Darebin registration system, please contact those services directly.

Integrated kindergarten

This is a government funded kindergarten program operating within a long day care service. Services charge a daily fee and may operate during school holidays.

Contact individual long day care services for more information about their time table and fee schedule.

Darebin Child Care and Kindergarten in Preston will be operating a 3-year-old integrated kindergarten program in 2024.

Sessional kindergarten

This is a government funded kindergarten program operating within the Victorian school term and so kindergartens close during school holidays.

Contact individual kindergartens for more information relating to time table and fee schedules.

More information and support

Kindergarten Registration Team
Phone: 03 8470 8825
Hours: Monday to Friday, 9am—5pm

We are committed to a child-safe organisation and have zero tolerance to abuse of children and young people. Read more about safeguarding children.