Kindergartens in Darebin

Kindergartens operate within long day care (child care) called integrated kindergarten or in stand-alone kindergarten called sessional kindergarten.

Kindergarten open evenings in March 2024

If you've been wondering about 3 or 4 year old kindergarten options for your child, come along to one of the kindergarten open evenings.

Visit services and ask any questions you have.

Openings for services south of Bell Street

Open Tuesday 5 March 2024, 6pm to 8pm (last tour at 7.30pm)




Alfred Nuttall Memorial Kindergarten

34 Separation Street, Fairfield

9489 0262

Annie Dennis Children's Centre

2 Oldis Avenue, Northcote

9486 7638

Batman Park Kindergarten

79 Elm Street, Northcote

9481 0237

Clifton Street Children’s Centre

55 Clifton Street, Northcote

9486 3299

Clyde Street Kindergarten

70 Clyde Street, Thornbury

9484 4140

Kool Kidz Childcare Preston

59 Plenty Rd, Preston

9041 1344

Merri Community Child Care Centre and Kindergarten

313 St Georges Road, Thornbury

9416 9227

Niño Early Learning Adventures

365 Bell St, Preston

8582 7000

Perry Street Childcare Centre

129 Perry Street, Fairfield

9489 2949

Raleigh St Community Children's Centre

28 Raleigh Street Thornbury

9484 2440

Smart Start Early Learning and Development Centre

18-24 Grange Rd, Alphington

9497 2078

Sunrise Thornbury

63 Woolton Avenue, Thornbury

9484 9982

Thornbury Kindergarten

8C Newcastle Street, Thornbury

9484 1095

Westgarth Kindergarten

557 Clarke Street, Northcote

9486 4147

Openings for services north of Bell Street

Open Thursday 7 March 2024, 6pm to 8pm (last tour at 7.30pm)




Blake Street Kindergarten

109 Blake Street, Reservoir

9478 8037

Darebin Childcare and Kindergarten - Preston

260 Gower Street, Preston

9469 2226

Darebin Childcare and Kindergarten - Reservoir

6-8 Kenilworth Street, Reservoir

9471 3780

Gellibrand Crescent Kindergarten

26 Gellibrand Crescent, Reservoir

9460 5862

Genius Childcare Reservoir

192 Albert St, Reservoir

1300 955 540

Good start Early Learning - Bundoora

18-20 Karl Court Bundoora

1800 222 543

Gower Street Kindergarten

146 Gower Street, Preston

9478 5374

Happy Hubbub

239A Murray Road Preston

1300 482282

J.S. Grey Kindergarten

524 Gilbert Rd, Preston West

9470 5836

Keon Park Children's Hub

1-7 Dole Avenue, Reservoir

9460 6557

Keon Park Kindergarten

75 Arundel Avenue, Reservoir

9460 1271

Maryborough Avenue Kindergarten

14 Maryborough Avenue, Kingsbury

9460 5882

Melbourne Juniors Child Care Centre

24 Sheila Street, Preston

9470 2844

Merrilands Uniting Early Learning

23-25 Ryan Street, Reservoir

1800 183 103

Milestones Early Learning Centre Bundoora

18-22 Main Dr, Bundoora.

9468 5238

Nara Community Early Learning Centre

77-99 (Rear) St Georges Road Preston

9471 9914

Nido Early School - Coburg North

168-170 Elizabeth Street, Coburg North

7038 3526

Oakhill Family Centre (including Oakhill Kindergarten)

91 North Road, Reservoir

9470 1914

Reservoir East Family Centre

15 Gisborne Crescent, Reservoir

9474 4865

Starfish Early Learning Centre

17 Rosenthal Crescent, Reservoir

9460 8200

Wonder World Play Centre
(end of) Ford Street, Preston 9478 4433
  • Please note last tours will be held at 7.30pm.
  • Children are welcome at the tours, but care is not provided.
  • You can contact services to arrange a day time tour if you are unable to make it to the open evenings. This includes other services across Darebin.

Choosing a kindergarten program

Every family is different. This means the kindergarten program you choose should be a good fit with your child and family.

It's a good idea to start looking for a kindergarten program early, as enrolment processes vary across Victoria.

Early years services in Darebin

Early years services (long day care and kindergarten) in the City of Darebin are managed by a range of providers, these can include:

  • parent committees of management
  • commercial operators
  • early years management organisations

Darebin has an agreement with participating services (long day care and sessional kindergartens) to operate the registration system.

To register your child a service that is not on the Darebin registration system, please contact those services directly.

Integrated kindergarten

This is a government funded kindergarten program operating within a long day care service. Services charge a daily fee and may operate during school holidays.

Contact individual long day care services for more information about their time table and fee schedule.

Darebin Child Care and Kindergarten in Preston will be operating a 3-year-old integrated kindergarten program in 2024.

Sessional kindergarten

This is a government funded kindergarten program operating within the Victorian school term and so kindergartens close during school holidays.

Contact individual kindergartens for more information relating to time table and fee schedules.

Making a complaint

Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) services in the City of Darebin are managed by a diverse range of providers, including parent Committees of Management, Commercial operators and Early Years Management Services.

If you are concerned about your child's education, care, or licensed children's service, you should raise your concerns with the service first.

  1. All early childhood services must have a written policy and procedure that states who you need to speak to about your complaint, how they will respond, and which complaints must be notified to the department.
  2. The name and the telephone number of the person who deals with complaints must also be displayed at the entrance to the service. For family day care, these details will be located in the service's principal office. If your complaint cannot be resolved by the service, you should then raise it with the department.

Give feedback or make a complaint to the Department of Education

Safeguarding children

We are committed to a child-safe organisation and have zero tolerance to abuse of children and young people. Read more about safeguarding children.

If the complaint is related specifically to a child with a disability, contact the Association for Children with Disability.

Association for Children with Disability
Phone: 03 9880 7000

More information

Department of Education
Phone: 03 7005 1989