Reporting food safety issues

food safety

Contact our team if you have food safety concerns with a businesses within Darebin.

Darebin registered food businesses including café, restaurants, delicatessen and takeaway food shops are inspected by Health Officers. Officers review food storage, temperature control, food protection, cleanliness, personal hygiene of staff and general maintenance of the premises.

Report a food safety issue

PrimeSafe are responsible for investigating food safety issues in Meat, Poultry and Seafood production businesses such as butchers.

Dairy Food Safety Victoria (DFSV) are responsible for investigating food safety issues in any dairy product manufacturer, dairy farms and dairy product wholesalers

If you are concerned about all other food businesses located within Darebin, you can report these concerns for investigation:

  • Cleanliness of food premises;
  • Food allergen concerns;
  • Food handler hygiene practices;
  • Contamination of food such as foreign objects in the food*;
  • Suspected food poisoning*;
  • Unregistered food businesses

*Please note:

We recommend that you seek medical advice if you are suffering injury or illness from a food business. Report the incident as soon as possible. Retain any remaining food by wrapping it in clean plastic and storing it in the fridge. Where possible keep the foreign object in the remaining food.

To lodge a request you will need to provide:

  • Name and address of business;
  • Your name and contact details;
  • date and time of alleged incident;
  • Details of the concerns;
  • Symptoms of illness;
  • Duration of illness.

All information is assessed to determine the appropriate course of action, you may be contacted with a request for more information. This may be limited if you remain anonymous.

Officer will investigate but specific details of the investigation are kept confidential, as outlined in provisions of the Food Act.

More information:

Customer service
Phone: 03 8470 8888