Parking, roads and transport

Everything you need to know about our transport strategies and programs, bike riding and walking, parking, road safety and road permits.

Report a road issue

Pedestrians, cyclist, train and parked cars


Cars parked
Street parking restrictions, fines, and permits for residential or disability parking.
High St traffic at night
Over-dimensional vehicles, vehicle crossings, road openings, shipping containers, work zones and more.
Children crossing sign in foreground, road in background
All about current road and drain works, road asset management, freight, traffic sign maintenance and shared paths.
A footpath shared by cyclists and two walking schoolchildren
Looking after your bike, finding where to ride and park, and joining your local community for cycling and walking.
Tram arriving at tram stop in High Street,  Northcote
Maps, updates and guides on Darebin's public transport.
Two people who have just got off a bus
We are developing transport plans that keep our community moving.
Two people looking at a map

Explore different travel maps, find electric vehicle charging stations, and check out local car-share options.