Partnership programs

We partner with Government, Industry Associations and Education Institutions to support growth, investment and stimulate economic activity in Darebin.

Reservoir Revitalisation

Reservoir has grown to become a vibrant, ethnically and socially diverse community. Currently, the suburb holds over 51,090 residents1 and is projected to increase by over 28% by 2041.2

Darebin City Council in partnership with State Government and the Reservoir Revitalisation Board are committed to the sustainable renewal and growth of Reservoir. This is implemented through Council’s smaller projects as part of the Reservoir Suburban Revitalisation Program, which is to:

  • Support and further build a strong and resilient local economy and economic wellbeing;
  • Better the public realm and main street precinct;
  • Increase community connection and programs for the most vulnerable; and
  • Improve perceptions of safety.

If you would like to learn more about the Reservoir Suburban Revitalisation Program and Reservoir Revitalisation Board, please go to Revitalising Reservoir.

Upcoming Projects

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Current Projects

Rezza Collab

To encourage social collaboration and wellbeing, Rezza Collab commissioned a limited edition Rezza Recipes Book. The book is a collection of stories and delicious recipes sourced from Reservoir locals and businesses. Curated by Reservoir locals and MasterChef's Elise Pulbrook and designed by Backpack Creative with illustrations by Carly Altree-Williams. All proceeds from the book are donated to local community organisations and charities. To purchase a limited edition copy, go to Council's Customer Service Counter at 274 Gower Street, Preston.

Rezza Rocks

The Rezza Rocks project currently delivers events, activations and activities across both Edwardes Street and Broadway, Reservoir. Further building community connection, economic and social wellbeing, this project has included:

  • Activating Ralph and Bedford Street carparks for two separate Pop Up Makers Markets, employing Reservoir makers and locals and attracting visitors to improve public safety perception;
  • Facilitating multicultural activities; and
  • Installing murals at key Reservoir sites.

Reservoir Public Mural Program

As part of the State Government funded Reservoir Revitalisation Program, Council has commissioned 5 mural artists/artist collectives to create welcoming murals that complement and depict the uniqueness of Reservoir, the Broadway and Edwardes Street Shopping Centre and its surrounding public spaces.

Find out more about the Reservoir Public Mural Program.

Ramp Up Reservoir

The Ramp Up Reservoir project is a rebranding program aimed at increasing awareness of Reservoir’s identity and improving wayfinding throughout the suburb. Currently, the project has installed wayfinding signs, flag poles (picture) and seating areas (picture). It also has supported the Wangim Cup project to work with seven Reservoir cafes in reducing approximately 40,000 single-use cups annually, per café.

Reservoir Youth Entrepreneur and Leadership Program

To build a more resilient Reservoir for the future, Darebin City Council has partnered with Young Change Agents to deliver the Reservoir Youth Entrepreneurship and Leadership Program (YELP). The program assists 18 to 25 year olds, in building an entrepreneurial business, leadership skills and/or prepare for jobs for the future. YELP also includes a Hackathon, Virtual Masterclasses and a two-day Accelerator.

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