Community and pets

The full guide of services we provide to the community can be found here, from pet registration to community health and wellbeing initiatives.

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Young child playing with toys
Everything you'll need to know about our services for children and families in Darebin.
Two teenage boys in a class

Youth Services is for young people aged 12 to 25. We help with skill development, leadership, social events and links to specialised support.

Chinese senior ladies in a park
Connect with support services and discover resources and information for older adults in Darebin.
aboriginal artwork
We are committed to strengthening our relationship with the Aboriginal community. Discover how we continue the journey towards reconciliation.
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Find out how people of all abilities are supported by Darebin services.
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We work to make Darebin a safer place for everyone. Find out how we do this through health, community development and environmental support.
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We investigate public health issues such as residential noise, odour, and light emissions affecting your health, asbestos, and pest control.
Group of diverse people
Learn about our multicultural services, from translation and interpreting to our dedicated Intercultural Centre.
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Darebin can once again support and celebrate our new citizens on one of the most important days of their lives.
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Find information on support you can access.
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Learn about pet registration permits, your responsibility as a pet owner. How we can help with animal problems and solutions available.