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Darebin Libraries are more than just a place to browse and borrow. Our branches in Fairfield, Northcote, Preston and Reservoir offer welcoming spaces for learning, knowledge and inspiration. You can explore local and family history, get involved in a workshop, or find a place to study. We also have a huge collection of books, movies, music, audiobooks, newspapers and magazines.

Find out everything you need about our Darebin Libraries via the dedicated website:

Darebin Libraries website

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Darebin Libraries

We have several libraries offering more than just books - anything from activities, guest speakers, school holiday programs and more.

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[Music intro, opening slide of City of Darebin logo, wording the place to live] [Visuals, man in a library talking to the camera and background are book shelves and people] Speaker Man 00:03 I love coming to the library. Luckily there's four libraries in Darebin. [Visuals, man holding a large card with Preston, Northcote, Reservoir, Fairfield.] This one here in Preston, Northcote, Fairfield and Reservoir. Books are just the starting point. I can come here to study, use the internet, and I can find things in different languages. Plus they're doing this thing called "e-library", where you can download eBooks, music, magazines and movies. Plus it's all free. How great's that? [Music, fading closing slide of City of Darebin logo, wording the place to live]