Planning step 8 outcome appeals, amendments and extensions

Planning appeals and outcomes, requesting planning amendments and planning permit extensions.

Planning appeals and extensions

Do you want to change the approved conditions in your planning permit? If so, you must submit an amendment to a planning permit. Learn more.
Applicants and objectors have the right to appeal planning decisions. Learn more about the appeal process.
If you need longer to start or finish your development, you can apply for an extension of time. Learn how Darebin may respond to your application.

Planning compliance

Do you think someone is acting without a permit, or perhaps not complying with an approved permit? You have the right to report breaches to us.
If we find a planning breach and think you're unlikely to voluntarily fix things in a satisfactory time, we'll start our enforcement process.
Our planning officers can conduct inspections to assess planning permits. We may also visit sites to investigate suspected planning breaches.
Have you received a planning infringement notice from Darebin? You have the choice of either paying the fine or appealing our decision.