Young girl on playing on a playground in Penders Park

We have over 150 parks in Darebin. Walk, ride, play, exercise or just relax. There are parks big and small not far from you.

Palaying in our parks safely

There are over 100 playgrounds within the City of Darebin for children and their families to enjoy.

Engaging in playtime activities, including controlled risk-taking, can be a powerful learning tool for children. It can stimulate their physical growth, foster social interactions, nourish emotional well-being, and promote cognitive development.

Darebin Playgrounds are developed and maintained in accordance with relevant Australian Standards. The Australian Standards for playgrounds were created to offer guidelines for the design, installation, maintenance, and operation of playgrounds. While they don't aim to create completely risk-free environments, they focus on eliminating hazards that could cause serious, life-threatening injuries. Parents and guardians should take note of the following statement included in Australian Standard 4685.1:

'Risk-taking is an essential feature of play provision and of all environments in which children legitimately spend time playing. Play provision aims to offer children the chance to encounter acceptable risks as part of a stimulating, challenging and controlled learning environment. Play provision should aim at managing the balance between the need to offer risk and the need to keep children safe from serious harm.’

Active supervision is essential for every playground visit.

  • Each child possesses unique abilities, skillsets, and strengths. Parents or guardians should decide which activities are safe and suitable for their children.
  • Parents or guardians are advised to inspect playground equipment prior to use to ensure safety. Any damage, maintenance needs or hazards should be reported to us by calling 03 8470 8888 (8:30am - 5pm) or 03 8470 8889 (5pm – 8:30am) or emailing (9am-5pm weekdays)

Parents or guardians should be aware of environmental factors that may pose risks to children:

  • Some playground equipment can become hot and may not be suitable for use. It is recommended that parents or guardians check the equipment's temperature before letting their children use it.
  • Please be aware of the sun exposure. Parents or guardians need to ensure children are wearing appropriate sun protection, such as hats and sunscreen.
  • Please check the UV index daily before spending time in the sun and act accordingly. About UV and sun protection times (
  • Wet and windy weather can pose a risk to children. Playground equipment and surroundings may become slippery when wet. Wind can affect children’s balance, particularly when they are using equipment like swings or climbing structures. Therefore, it's always advisable to exercise caution in these conditions.
  • It is recommended that parents or guardians always check the area for any potential hazards such as sharp objects or debris and be aware of the presence of any animals, particularly insects such as bees or wasps before their children start playing.
  • It is the responsibility of parents or guardians to understand the potential risks of the items they bring to the playground.
  • Please avoid bringing any glass containers or cups to the playground.
  • Smoking and vaping are not allowed within 10 meters of playgrounds.
  • Food and drinks should not be consumed on playground equipment to avoid attracting insects or pests.
  • Please put any rubbish in the bins provided.
  • Please limit the use of electronic devices to ensure active supervision of children.
  • Please ensure that any toys or sports equipment brought into the playground are safe for use around other children.
  • Do not bring any items with sharp edges or points that could cause injury.
  • Dogs must be on lead and under supervision within 10 meters of any playground or children’s play equipment.