Kindergarten registration

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Find out about the systems we use to register your child/ren onto the Darebin Kindergarten Registration Waiting List


Kindergarten registration

Registration Portal

Darebin is now using a new system called Hub Hello. Once you get your username you can navigate to the heart icon and a drop down box will appear, go to waitlist to view your registration form.

You can register for kindergartens on the registration system using the new online registration portal - and select "Sign up to waitlist"

Please Note:

You will need to have copies of required documentation including proof of Darebin address, proof of concession card (if this applies to you)

To register for kindergarten is free.

When do kindergarten registrations open?

Kindergarten registrations are now open. To be eligible for round one allocation, you need to register before 30 June 2024.

All registrations received after 30 June are processed following the round one allocations.

What are the steps for registering for kindergarten?

  1. Complete a registration form via the online registration portal ad select "Sign up to waitlist".
  2. Select up to 4 kindergarten services.
  3. Complete all areas of the registration.
  4. Upload required documents - proof of Darebin address, and proof of concession card if this applies to you.
  5. Submit registration
  6. There is no fee to register for kindergarten

The portal allows you view and update your registration form at any time. To do this you navigate to the top left side of your account and select the heart icon, a drop down box will appear with your registration form. It is your responsibility to ensure your details are always correct. If you have any questions, please contact the team on: 

Call the registration team if you are having issues accessing the portal,

When should my child start kinder?

3-year-old kindergarten.

Deciding when your child starts kindergarten is important and can affect the age at which they start school. Some families prefer to wait until their child is a bit older to send them to kindergarten.

Your child is eligible to attend three-year-old kindergarten if they will be turning three by 30 April in the year of attending kindergarten.

If your child's birthday is in the early months of the year, they will not be able to start kindergarten until after they turn three, even if the term has begun.

Once your child starts three-year-old kindergarten, they are expected to attend four-year-old kindergarten the following year, then prep the year after.

Choosing the best year to commence three-year-old kindergarten is important. There is no option to repeat 3-year-old kindergarten.

A child who starts three-year-old kindergarten when they are young may not be able to repeat four-year-old kindergarten.

A second year of funded four-year-old kindergarten must be approved by the teacher and is only recommended for children who exhibit developmental delay in at least two areas.

4-year-old kindergarten

Your child can attend four-year-old kindergarten if they are turning four by 30 April in the year of attendance. 

The Victorian Government has created a calculator tool that you can use to determine when your child can start kindergarten. Simply enter your child’s date of birth at the Give your child the best start website.

Is my child ready for kindergarten?

Talk to your Maternal and Child Health nurse or a qualified early years educator to help you decide. Kindergarten open days also provide a great opportunity to talk things through with an experienced professional. See tips for starting kindergarten for more information.