Heritage and permits

Get information about heritage in Darebin, including overlays, heritage listings, reviews and planning permit exemptions.

Find heritage information

Have you found out your property is heritage-listed or within a Heritage Overlay?

Our online Heritage database has up-to-date information about heritage places and precincts in Darebin. If you can't find your property on the database, please call our Planning team on 03 8470 8850.

For more information about the Victorian Heritage Database or Victorian Heritage Register, please visit the Heritage Victoria website.

Can I get a planning permit exemption?

If you want to undertake minor works, an incorporated plan may exempt you from needing a planning permit under a heritage overlay.

Any exemptions for your property will be specified in these incorporated documents in the Darebin Planning Scheme:

Heritage reviews

Darebin Heritage Study 2007

The Darebin Heritage Study identified and protected cultural and natural heritage sites in Darebin, including sites of Aboriginal heritage. It was the basis for permanent planning controls in the Darebin Planning Scheme.

The study included the following reports and studies:

Darebin Heritage Review 2000

This review contains heritage citation reports and significance statements for most Darebin sites affected by the heritage overlay:

We also produced the below design guidelines: