Non-building applications and permits

Different projects require different permits. You need separate permits for building over a drain and sharing fencing costs, for example.


If there's an easement or Council drain on your property, and you plan to build over or near either of these, you'll need our permission.

You're responsible for your drains up to their legal point of discharge. Learn more.

Some situations will require you to complete a stormwater drainage plan application.

Nature strips are the public land between the footpath and the kerb on residential streets. Find out more about nature strip planting and maintenance.
new house driveway
A vehicle crossing runs from the road to your property boundary. You need a permit to remove, modify, relocate or build a new vehicle crossing.

You need a building materials permit to put building materials on a road or Council land, including a nature strip or roadway.

You need a permit to occupy Council land or road for any works or activities.

If you want to build a fence on your property, you may need a building permit. If you've seen a dangerous fence, you can report it to us.

You're responsible for maintaining your fences. If you share a fence, you should talk to your neighbour about sharing fencing costs.