Stormwater legal point of discharge

You're responsible for your drains up to their legal point of discharge. Learn more.

Drains and pipes on private property belong to the property owner. As the owner, you're responsible for drains up to their legal point of discharge.

The legal point of discharge is a Council-specified point from where water on a property must be discharged. It will usually be a stormwater drain, or a kerb and channel. You may need to design and build outfall drainage to our closest drain via easement, nature strip, footpath or road.

We can advise you on the legal point of discharge for existing properties or residential, commercial and industrial developments.

For information on stormwater drainage requirements, please refer to our design guidelines.

If you need a permit to connect to a legal point of discharge, you must apply for a road opening permit.

How to apply


It's quick and easy to submit your stormwater legal point of discharge application online.

Make sure you have these items to ready include with your application:

  • Description of proposed building works.
  • Copy of site plan.
  • Payment - required to lodge application,

Stormwater point of discharge

Less than 3 minutes to complete.
The first step is to identify the property.


To apply by mail, please complete the Stormwater - Legal point of discharge application form and:

  • mail it to:

    Engineering Department
    Darebin City Council
    PO Box 91
    Preston Vic 3072

  • deliver it in person to a Customer Service office.

Please ensure you attach any relevant information and your fee. You will then receive a report in the mail within 10 business days.

More information

Engineering Department
Phone: 03 8470 8672