How to apply for a building permit

Building permits within Darebin are administered and issued by private building surveyors.

Apply for a Building Permit

A building permit is required for many types of building project.

The building permit ensure that all works are inline with current regulations and do NOT commence without the required safety measures and insurances being in place.

In many cases building works will require both a planning permit, and a building permit.

More here about the types of work that may require a building permit, and the difference between building permits and planning permits.

Who issues Building Permits?

A private building surveyor issues building permits and needs to be engaged before work commences.

To find a private building surveyor, please visit the Victorian Building Authority's Find a practitioner page.

More about the role of the private building surveyor (also known as the PBS).

More information

Building Department
Phone: 03 8470 8899