Selecting a building surveyor

Discover how to find and select a building surveyor and their responsibilities.

Selecting a building surveyor

The building surveyor will be involved for the duration of the project, so take your time in selecting someone that meets your needs.

Darebin Council has a municipal building surveyor who can be engaged, but most Building Permits issued for works in Darebin are issued by private building surveyors.

You can find registered building surveyors listed at the VBA website.

Councils role

Private building surveyors have no connection with Darebin Council.

Once you appoint a private building surveyor they will take on all responsibility for:

  • Checking drawings (including setbacks)
  • Issuing the building permit
  • Completing mandatory inspections
  • Issuing the occupancy permits/and or Certificate of Final Inspection
  • Enforcement action on any breaches to the building permit
  • Council will only become involved if there are safety issues onsite, in which case enforcement action may be taken.

More information

Building Department
Phone: 03 8470 8899