Do I need a building permit or consent?

If you plan to construct, or change a structure on your property you will generally need a building permit.

The building permit ensures that the project is build to meet current building standards and regulations, also taking fire and safety into account.

A building permit is required for the following types of projects:

  • New house, townhouse or unit
  • Multi-residential or multi-commercial development
  • Extension
  • Structural alterations to existing building
  • Demolition
  • Pergola, verandah or carport - more about these types of structures
  • Deck or balcony
  • Garage
  • Retaining wall – if a part of the associated works, or if over 1m in height
  • Fencing – certain fences will require a building permit
  • New swimming pool or spa

The Victorian Building Authority (VBA) has more information on when a building permit is required for a building project.

Difference between Building and Planning Permit

Planning permit

Permit to approve how your land is to be used

Who approves or issues this permit?

Darebin's Planning Department - weprocess and approve these permits.

Read about when you need a planning permit.

Building permit

This permit means that the proposed building structure will meet current regulations and standards

Who approves or issues this permit?

Building surveyors issue building permits.

For most building permits, they are issued by a Private Building Surveyor (PBS) which can also be known as a Relevant Building Surveyor (RBS)

Many projects will require both a planning and building permit. If this is the case then the planning approval is obtained first, and then the documents collated for the building permit (including architectural, structural drawings, etc.).

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