Do you want to build an extension or do some demolition?

The type of residential building permit you need will depend on what you want to do.


If you plan to construct, or change a structure on your property you will generally need a building permit. 
Are you looking to build a structure like a garage, carport, pergola, deck, balcony or retaining wall? Check your requirements here.
To ensure building works don't affect or damage adjoining properties, you may need to get your neighbours' details for protection works.

Private building surveyors are required to lodge certain documents with council once they are appointed to a project.

You need our approval to erect precautions, also known as hoardings, over the street alignment. Find out how this applies to you.

Some areas of Darebin are designated as flood-prone. In these cases, you may need a flooding application before your building permit can continue.

A siting variation, or report and consent, is for a proposed building design that sits outside of the building regulations.