Frequently asked questions about building

Builder at a house construction site

Our FAQs about your building project, or to answer questions about your neighbour's building project.

Are you planning a building project or work on your property? Or perhaps you can see neighbouring works and want to check on the permit status?

We have answered frequently asked questions about building below. 

Building projects and permits

Different types of building project will require different permits.

In many cases both a planning permit and a building permit will be required. If you are starting a project, read below for more information

Building other structures

Many building projects are on a smaller scale and depending on the materials being used, and the location, may or may not need a building permit.

What’s happening in my neighbourhood?

We understand that neighbouring works, whether a demolition or construction project can be disruptive. Understand the laws that need to be considered and who is responsible for building sites.

Fencing and trees

Each property owner is responsible for maintaining their own fences.

If a side or rear boundary fence needs to be replaced, you need to discuss sharing the costs with your neighbour.

Some fences may require a building permit, click on the links below for more information.

Swimming pools and spas

If you are considering adding a pool or spa at your property, it requires a building permit and will need to meet current swimming pool and spa compliance and safety standards

The registration of your pool or spa and lodgement of pool compliance certificate can be done online via our web portal.

Your pool only needs to be registered once, but you will be required to issue council with an updated compliance certificate every 4 years.

See the links below to learn more about pools and spas

Asset protection

Asset protection permits ensure that a building project does not damage any Council assets such as footpaths, kerbs, roads, vehicle crossings, nature strips, trees and drainage. As the owner of the property, it is up to you to communicate with both your builder and private building surveyor to ensure that the required asset protection permit (along with your building permit) is in place before any works commence on-site.

To find out about the step-by-step process, including how to get your asset protection bond back on completion of the building works and final inspection by Council.

Drainage, easements and flooding

Sometimes you may need an approval or further information from council relating to building works, for items like a legal point of discharge or building over an easement

Roads, footpaths and nature strips

Building works sometimes require the use or closure of a road or footpath for a period of time or you may need to apply to change a vehicle crossover. You will need to apply for a permit

Request documents from us

We hold a variety of different documents that can be ordered, using the button below.

Documents about:

  • Residential properties
    All building permit documents including; plans, permits, certificates
  • Commercial properties
    All building permit documents including: plans, permits, certificates
  • Certificates only relating to a building permit
    Occupancy permits, notices and orders, building permits (this does not include plans)
  • Certificate for conveyancing
    Also called a property information certificate 51 (1)
  • Certificate for building
    Includes designation of flood, bushfire, termite, alpine areas. Also calleda property information certificate 51 (2)

Order any of these documents

For privacy reasons, in some cases we can only release documents to the owner of a property, or with owners’ consent.

Lodge documents with us

A private building surveyor (PBS) is required to lodge certain documents with council. Private building surveyors can lodge documents through our eServices portal.

  • Notice of appointment - section 80
  • Building permit documents - section 30
  • Certificate of final occupancy permit - Section 73
  • Notices and orders

Lodge documents (for private building surveyors only)