Asset protection bond refund

Find out how to get an asset protection bond refund.

Once your building project is complete and you have a certificate of occupancy or certificate of final inspection, and have checked that council assets are in good order, then you can apply for your bond to be refunded.

The steps to arranging your refund are:

Step 1 Confirm that council assets are in good order

Your asset protection pack will have outlined the conditions that you need to meet. Check that you have met these and also ensure that you remove rubbish and building debris from your nature strip. If there is no damage to council assets then you can apply for a bond refund. If there is damage then it needs to be rectified before your bond can be refunded. The refund can only be returned to the same person or company who lodged the bond.

Step 2 Apply for your bond refund

Your asset protection pack will have included a form to request a final inspection. Complete this form and post or email to the building department along with your occupancy permit or the certificate of final inspection. If you have lost your form, you can call us to confirm details and book the final inspection.

Step 3 Final inspection

Once we have the request for final inspection, our inspector will return to your property to inspect and take photos of council assets. If there is no damage, after this inspection your bond will be refunded. If there has been damage, then we will inform you of the cost of the works and give you 30 days to repair the damage. If the repairs are not completed we may issue you with a fine.

Step 4 Refund of bond

The refund of the bond can ONLY be returned to the person/company who was the original applicant. A link will be sent to their email address on file to confirm the bank details for the bond to be refunded. Please note: refunds will be processed in 3-4 weeks by bank transfer.

For assistance please contact us.

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