Enquire about neighbourhood building works

Are you unsure about the status of a building permit or are concerned about safety on a building site?

Concerns about building works

We can help you work out if there's a current permit for building works occurring in your area and also investigate certain types of building breach. 

Council are able to investigate the following types of breaches on existing or new builds:

  • Buildings that are being constructed without the correct permits
  • Buildings that present a danger by being structurally unsound or fire damaged
  • Demolition of a building without a permit
  • Buildings being used illegally as a rooming/boarding houses
  • Buildings that are not maintained in regards to their essential safety measures, which includes items like exit/fire doors, smoke alarms and fire safety equipment. 

For urgent safety issues, such as buildings that are presenting an immediate  risk to the public call:

During office hours, the Building Department  Phone: 03 8470 8899
Outside of office hours, Council Phone: 03 8470 8889

Unsafe work practices on a building site should be reported to Worksafe Victoria Phone: 1800 136 089.

Who Is Responsible

If there is a building permit in place for a site, then the relevant building surveyor (also known as the private building surveyor or PBS) will have issued this document and is responsible for ensuring that the building works comply with the Building Act and Regulations.

If you have concerns about building works, then the relevant building surveyor is the first person to speak to.  

In the unlikely event of a non-resolution, the matter may be escalated to the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) for investigation.

More information

Building Department
Phone: 03 8470 8899
Email: building@darebin.vic.gov.au