Arrange an inspection

After you register your pool or spa with us, you then need to arrange an inspection prior to the Certificate of Compliance due date.

How to arrange a pool inspector

Once your swimming pool or spa has been registered with Council, you must arrange an inspection prior to your due date to ensure the safety barrier around your pool or spa meets the applicable barrier standard as stated in your registration confirmation letter.

An inspection of your pool and spa safety barriers must be conducted by a registered building surveyor or building inspector.

Visit the Find a practitioner page on the Victorian Building Authority website.

There is no set fee for a safety barrier inspection. The Victorian Building Authority recommends you obtain quotes from at least two practitioners before you proceed with the inspection.

Note: If you construct a pool or spa after 1 November 2020, the registered building surveyor who conducts a mandatory inspection following the construction of a pool or spa barrier can also issue a certificate of barrier compliance upon inspection.

What if there are issues with safety barriers?

If an inspector finds issues with your pool or spa safety barriers, you'll usually have 60 days to resolve them.

If you resolve the issue, the inspector will issue a Certificate of Pool and Spa Safety Barrier Compliance. You can then lodge your Certificate of Compliance via our eServices portal.

If you don't resolve the issue within 60 days, the inspector will submit a non-compliance certificate to us. You will then be issued a barrier improvement notice, which you must action within 14 days. In this instance, a $413.40 fee applies.

If you're a building inspector or surveyor, you can upload a non-compliance certificate via our eServices portal.

Do I need to pay for the inspection?

Your building inspector or surveyor will set any fees for the inspection. We can't control how much you're charged for this service and we suggest you get multiple quotes.

Your inspector must be a registered practitioner, either a building inspector or building surveyor.

For more information, visit the Victorian Building Authority website.

Will I need to get regular inspections?

You only need to register your pool or spa with us once. After the initial registration, inspection and certification, you must arrange an inspection within every four years thereafter.

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