Adopted strategies and plans

Our strategies and plans respond to changes in the community and aim to make Darebin more liveable and attractive.

Our strategies and plans respond to changes in the community and aim to make Darebin more liveable and attractive. The Darebin Planning Scheme contains many of these documents.

Darebin Development Contributions Plan

This plan identifies required infrastructure projects across the City of Darebin and sets out levies that will be applied to new development to ensure that the cost of providing new and improved infrastructure is shared equitably between developers and the wider community.

Darebin economic land use strategy

This strategy responds to our vibrant, changing economy and the need to better support businesses, industry and jobs. It provides a framework for industrial, retail and commercial land use in Darebin over the next 20 years.

Darebin housing strategy

This strategy is helping make Darebin fairer, more liveable and sustainable. It addresses population growth, development pressure, and the need for affordable housing and protection for unique heritage and natural environments.

High Street study

High Street is the spine of Darebin and one of the longest, vibrant commercial strips in Melbourne. The High Street study will improve community and transport links along High Street creating vibrant, liveable communities.

Junction Urban Master Plan

This plan will transform the existing Junction Precinct in Preston into green and attractive place with unique urban character. It focuses on re-claiming public spaces, developing businesses and communities and making the Junction more liveable.

Northcote structure plan

This plan outlines how Northcote can grow and remain a great place to live, work, shop and relax. We developed the plan with considerable community consultation. It's a key product of 2007's Northcote-Place Making Project, which developed a shared vision for a Northcote owned by the community, stakeholders and Council.

Preston Central structure plan

Preston Central is one of the largest traditional, multi-dimensional activity centres in northern Melbourne. It's a major focus for business, shopping, community, culture and recreation. The Preston Central structure plan enables a mix of land uses which stimulate economic growth and maintain the centre's regional significance. It will also provide well-designed housing and improved streetscapes for residents and visitors.

Reservoir structure plan

Multicultural, open-hearted and ‘beautifully ordinary’ the suburb of Reservoir is ready to shine. This 20-year plan aims to make Reservoir more connected, diverse and attractive, with upgraded services, facilities, transport, public space, buildings and environment.

St Georges Road and Plenty Road Corridors urban design framework

St Georges Road and Plenty Road are in transition as Darebin grows and evolves as a popular place to live. This framework sets clear directions for residential and mixed-use growth along the corridors. It has an emphasis on well-planned intensification through high-quality design responses.

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