Preparing your plans

We have some great advice on how to prepare your planning permit in Darebin.

Preparation is essential when you're applying for a planning permit. Following these steps will help ensure you submit an accurate and complete application.

Step 1: Find out what information you need

You need to provide different information for different types of permit applications. That might include site plans, elevation drawings or a written report.

Plans submitted as part of a planning application will commonly include:

  • floor plans
  • elevations
  • site layout/analysis
  • landscaping (if applicable)
  • shadow diagrams

All plans should be drawn to scale (e.g. 1:100) and include the following information as a minimum:

  • north point
  • boundaries and dimensions of site
  • plan name and revision reference
  • location and dimensions of all existing and proposed buildings
  • proposed/existing materials, colours and finishes

Contact us to find out what you need to include with the application, and what policies we'll use to assess it.

Step 2: Get help

A pre-application meeting can help you recognise issues that may be important to your application. It should give you some certainty about the outcome of your application and make the process more efficient.

You may also want to consult a planning professional who can give you advice or prepare and lodge the application on your behalf.

Step 3: Fill out the application form

You can apply online for your planning permit.

For more information, visit apply for your permit.