Amend an undecided planning application

Find out how to change an undecided planning application in Darebin.

Do you need to make changes to your planning application before we've decided on it?

For example, do you want to alter the number of proposed dwellings or the design of your development?

You can request a change to an undecided planning application online:

Amend an undecided planning application

Amendment fee

Under sections 50 and 57(A) of the Planning & Environment Act 1987 you can apply for an amendment either before or after notice of the application is advertised.

Before notice

No Fee

After notice

  • 40% of the application fee for that class of permit or amendment to permit
  • Where the class of application is changing to a new class of higher application fee, the difference between the fee for the application to be amended and the fee for the new class.
  • After you have submitted your enquiry an invoice will be sent to you.
  • Note: your enquiry will not be actioned until the invoice is paid.